Third Hand Smoke – New Health Risks

New risks discovered from third-hand smoke.

Lingering danger for your kids.

You know it when you smell it – somebody around you has been smoking. Now some doctors believe those odors might be indicative of a significant health risk. Third-hand smoke is the toxic stuff that lingers in the air, on your clothes and on your carpet. Dr. Nancy Snyderman, a physician interviewed on NBC’s Today Show, shared a story about a friend. He was a smoker and, one night, hugged his small child who immediately experienced an asthma attack. Her friend quit smoking. The Pediatrics Journal released the information in their January issue – click these links to read more:

New York Times: “A New Cigarette Hazard: Third-Hand Smoke”

ScienceDaily.com: “Third-hand Smoke: Another Reason To Quit Smoking”

Full report at the Pediatrics Journal website (very scientific): “Beliefs About the Health Effects of “Thirdhand” Smoke and Home Smoking Bans”

To really play researcher, click here to dig into the information on this page of the SurgeonGeneral.gov website.

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