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Fireflys Go Bye-Bye?

kid-firefly-150Scientists are concerned that fireflies may be disappearing. You know, those little airborne bugs that fly around at night during the Summer, filling the evening air with little burst of light. Some of us call them “lightning bugs”. Yep, those are the ones. Well, with some help from volunteers around the country, these worried scientists hope to collect information about where and when fireflies are appearing during the Summer of 2009. Keep reading to find links to news about the loss of the firefly plus interesting information about the glowing beetles (yes, they are beetles, not flies). Parents be sure to let your kids have permission to help count fireflies — you can help, too! Click this to visit the Ready, Set, Glow! website and learn how to observe fireflies in your backyard. You can also learn some firefly jokes and do some activities.

Click below for tons of info…

All about the Firefly (Lightning Bug) at NationalGeographic.com

Story about the disappearing fireflies from the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Official Firefly Watch website at MOS.org

Attract fireflies to your backyard – at eHow.com.

Learn a bit more about disappearing fireflies plus so much more at Firefly.org.

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