Town Hall Meeting: Lyme Disease

Preventing Lyme Disease: A Town Hall Meeting

Hosted by Supervisor Pat Herrity and
Supervisor Michael Frey
7PM Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Centreville High School Cafeteria

On Wednesday, July 22 Supervisors Pat Herrity and Michael Frey will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at Centreville High School to raise awareness of the dangers of Lyme disease and the practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. There will be presentations by the Fairfax County Wildlife Biologist, as well as representatives from the Fairfax County Disease Carrying Insects Program. Congressman Wolf’s staff will also be present to answer questions regarding what is being done on the national level and there will be a chance to ask questions to all of our presenters. We encourage all parties interested to attend.

Lyme disease is a very real problem, in Virginia the number of reported cases has doubled over the last few years, and in the last two years alone we have seen around 400 confirmed cases of the disease in Fairfax County. This number would be even more startling if we knew the amount of cases that went unreported or misdiagnosed as it is believed the majority do.

Lyme disease is a serious illness that if left undiagnosed can cause complications such as arthritis, back pain, numbness, and even heart failure. Because of the high risks involved it is important that we take steps to educate ourselves on the various ways that we can protect ourselves and our families from contracting Lyme disease, as well as know what to do if we do contract the disease.

In an effort to educate and raise the awareness of the public on the dangers and serious implications of Lyme disease Supervisors Herrity and Frey would like to invite all interested persons to a Town Hall Meeting on July 22nd, 7 pm, in the Cafeteria of the Centreville High School, 6001 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA 22152.
[Content provided by Supervisor Herrity’s office]

Click here for directions to Centreville High School.

Click this for more information about the Town Hall meeting at FairfaxCounty.gov.

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