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ph-bear-200Earlier this season a black bear was spied in a Fairfax County back yard. Yep, even with all of this suburban sprawl, traffic and chaos wildlife finds a way to stick around. While an encounter with wildlife can be exciting, it can also be dangerous. I remember when our youngster was playing outside and brought to us a cute, little baby snake he found. It was a baby copperhead — poisonous! Nothing bad happened from that episode aside from giving us an abrupt wake-up call. Continue to read for our collection of resources and interesting links to help you and your family enjoy an encounter with wildlife while also being safe — there is even a video of the Clifton black bear!

Learn About Nature Close-up

Fairfax has a number of nature centers throughout the county and they provide a fantastic variety of educational opportunities. Click this for the County’s main web page with information about all the centers.

Backyard Activities

Family.com provides a neat idea, and recipe, to help kids learn about bugs in their own backyard. Click this for all the directions on creating a bug-attracting goo and how to then study the critters attracted to the goo.

Tracking Beasts

Since we do have a plethora of wildlife in our neighborhoods, take the kids out for a hike and identify the tracks left by wildlife. Click this to see an online article from The Humane Society that provides the basics for tracking wildlife. Then check out this Family.com short story about one families adventure and the critter tracks they identified. Click this for ideas and all the details.

Living with Wild Neighbors

The Humane Society has a website rich with resources for suburban families and their wildlife neighbors. Click this to see their article about sharing our space with wildlife.

Tips about Bear Encounters

Fairfax County provides a web page with warnings and guidance about a bear encounter. Click here to see bear tips from FairfaxCounty.gov. You can click this to find more info from The Humane Society about solving problems with black bears. At their site you will learn that hunger is the most frequent reason a bear makes an appearance in our yards. Then click here for a collection of many wild beasts and how to manage a backyard conflict. Below is a video recorded in a Clifton backyard, not far from Centreville High and Union Mill Elementary schools. This video was recorded in early June, 2009.

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