Winter Safety: Home Heating

Safe Winter Heating: Tips & Risks

Winter is here and the risk of injury or death from home heating is increasing. Be safe while you and your family stay warm. This is our collection of online resources to help you keep everyone safe, healthy and warm during the cold winter months.

Fairfax County provides a number of online resources. Click here to see their information on Alternative Heating Sources and Winter Preparedness Tips.

The Fairfax Fire & Rescue Department provides a number of different guides – click the following links for more:

Fire Safe Heating Systems

Portable Heaters – Heat or Hazard

Your Electric Blanket: Warmth and Safety

ReadyVirginia.gov provides a bonus tip sheet with both ‘generator safety’ (as in, to generate electricity) and ‘space heater safety – click this for all the info.

The Checklist: Your Home Fire Safety Checklist from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Click this to see the checklist and then carefully check your home for the safety of everyone that’s keeping warm inside.

Heating Safety Tips: Click this to see important tips from the National Fire Protection Association.

Then click this to download the PDF “Sparky’s Home-heating Safety Checklist” direct from the NFPA’s website.

Check out this news from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about home heating and the rise of carbon monoxide deaths in the U.S.

Video: Dan Doofus in “Hot Flashes” – it’s a fun, little animated video from the NFPA with important tips about how to be safe while keeping your home warm during the Winter months.

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